Daily Archives: 06/23/2008

Hello Firefox 3

Okay, I’ve been using Safari and/or Camino for the past couple weeks and they are both totally cool and functional programs. But I have to admit, I missed Firefox, despite the abysmal performance it gave after a few days of being open. Mostly I missed Adblock Plus and the almighty Filterset.G – I’ve got PithHelmet installed on Safari and CamiTools installed on Camino (oops, Camitools is no longer developed – how do I uninstall that now?), but neither was as extensive or configurable as Adblock Plus with Filterset.G.

So I downloaded the release candidate for Firefox 3 a couple weeks ago, and updated to the release version last week. It’s pretty nice. Spiffy look and much faster performance. I haven’t made the complete decision to jump back to Firefox yet, but it is looking good.