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Daddy’s Girl


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I just love this photo. Lorelei is such a blast. She laughs and giggles when I hold her. She’s such a good girl too, she’s been sick for days now and she still smiles and giggles even though she has a stuffy nose and a nasty cough.

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Incredible Visions

Take a look at this press release from NASA; it includes two time-lapse video clips taken by the EPOXI, nee Deep Impact, spacecraft. They show the earth rotating in space over the course of one day, and the highlight of the series is when the moon slides across the face of our lush blue world. That is extremely cool.

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I’ve ridden Amtrak for decades now, and I can honestly say the service has degraded a great deal in the 20+ years I’ve ridden the train. I took the train across the continent in 2000, and it was an arduous experience; 13 hours behind schedule, missed connections, stopping in the middle of nowhere for hours at a time, and the several cancelled trains convinced me that Amtrak is not a viable travel option for anyone interested in actually getting somewhere on time. It was beautiful though, the lonesome plains, the Rocky Mountains, riding along the Mississippi River at dawn. From Chicago to Portland, and then down the coast to Los Angelese, it was an eye popping trip. Luckily I didn’t really have to be anywhere on time. In fact, the route I’ve ridden the most, the Ann Rutledge between St. Louis and Chicago, is notorious for running late.

I came across this story a couple days ago, recounting the woes of traveling Amtrak across the country. Sounds like he had a similar experience to me. That said, it was an incredible experience, from the landscape to the people you meet on the train. I remember sitting in the observation car at 2:00 am, learning card tricks from a septugenarian magician on his way to Minot, North Dakota. And standing on the back of the train, looking across northern California dawn from an open doorway with the cigarette smokers.

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A Little Bit Of Knowledge

Like my oh so crunchy, lefty, elitist, intelligentsia peers I listen to This American Life from Chicago Public Radio. Hell at this point, it’s probably uncool to listen to it anymore or something, but I don’t care. I like it.

As far as I know, my local public radio station KPRG1 does not broadcast the radio show, but that’s okay, I download it as a podcast. Last week’s show was especially entertaining, A Little Bit of Knowledge (is a dangerous thing I guess). It was a rebroadcast, but still entertaining stories of knowing just enough to get into trouble. Give it a listen, especially the story about getting something into your head as a kid and not figuring out the truth until well into adulthood. Like the guy who always wondered why only people named Nielsen get to rate what is on television.

1Postscript: I can honestly say I don’t listen to KPRG much anymore. The iPod is so ubiquitous now I don’t have much reason to listen to any radio. And when I do tune in to KPRG, I can’t stand listening to it. I don’t know what happened, but their signal is just atrocious now. Alex Fields used to maintain it I think, but he’s no longer on island. And their signal has degraded. It sounds like a lonesome prairie wind is blowing constantly at that station, making listening to conversations or music not a pleasant experience.

Anheuser Busch Acquired By InBev

Well, one of the last icons of St. Louis business has succumbed to globalization. Anheuser Busch agreed to be acquired by Brazilian-Belgian conglomerate InBev, ending a brief takeover struggle of the ailing brewer. I am sure there is much wailing and gnashing of the teeth in St. Louis, Busch is a major employer and presence in the community. Mostly people are probably worrying about their jobs, since InBev is apparently known for slashing budgets at the brewers it acquires.

I wonder what will happen now, and what will get cut in the $1.5 billion in “synergies” that are expected from the merger. Most likely thing to go – Busch Gardens and Seaworld, Busch’s theme parks in Florida.

Weather Weather Weather

How boring am I? I am going to talk about the weather on Guam.

It is raining. Raining like mad. I think 2 inches dropped overnight.

Actually PCR Environmental says 2.06 inches fell since midnight.

PCR Environmental has a very cool setup for weather observations. Since they are about 300 yards from my place, they have the most accurate weather for my location, much more pertinent than the weather up at the airport or the air force base. They have a weather system set up on their roof, which is plugged into a Mac running wView, which puts the data up on the web.

Jeff Pleadwell has a similar system set up down in Ipan and his eponymous restaurant. But since he is about 15 miles from my location now, I will stick with PCR’s data.


I couldn’t get it out of my head. I’ve been listening to it all afternoon.

In Spite Of Me

What a haunting, sorrowful song. Mark Sandman’s gravelly rumble, the plaintive, elegiac mandolin. And the realization at the end of the song, the horrible double entendre of ‘in spite of me.’

Go ahead and listen to Morphine for awhile. It is surefire Cure for Pain…

UPDATE: Sorry I had to ditch the widget I placed here. It was making my rendering all kaput. Search for Morphine on your own now.