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One Dead iMac

I finally got around to taking my iMac G5 into the local Apple dealer here on Guam yesterday. Everything I had done at home pointed towards a power supply failure. But the tech took one look at my motherboard and told me I basically had a rather large, expensive, four year old paper weight on my hands. The power supply was shot, but the motherboard was also fried, with at least fix blown capacitors on the circuit board. It would cost more to fix than a new machine basically and that really pisses me off.

I’m pissed because it is a perfectly good 20 inch LCD monitor I can no longer use, a 250 gigabyte hard drive I will have to pull out and repurpose, and 2 gigabytes of RAM that I am betting will not be compatible with any other computer I might replace this machine with. This all ticks me off to no end. Definitely my last iMac purchase. I will probably get a new Macintosh, but it will be one with a seperate monitor I can reuse further on down the line.

It just irritates me that I cannot use that fantastic monitor for anything else. On the other hand, I won’t have to listen to the constant jet engine whine of the myriad fans inside the iMac G5. So I guess something small and fanless will be my next Mac, like a Mac Mini.

I’m already pricing them on the online store right now…

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