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Episode IV: A New Hope

I especially enjoyed the crowd at the Inaugaration chanting “na na na na, hey hey hey, good bye” to Bush and Cheney. Good riddance you lousy bums. Go crawl back under whatever rock you emerged from in 2000. It takes my breath away when I think about the last decade, starting in 1998 with that impeachment debacle. We got the hell we deserved I guess. Hopefully the utter mess Republicans have left of our country and the world will serve as a wake up call for Americans.

Welcome, aloha and hafa adai President Obama.

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Trying To Get Bad On The Blogging Habit

Tired of looking at endless posts with links? I am getting tired of it too. Sorry about that; I know looking at my bookmarks is probably not the most interesting reading for my loyal readers. Hell, after three years of that shit I probably don’t have any readers left. But it is a new year, and time to reboot. Look forward to more fun and juicy content:

  1. Family upates
    • Baby photos
    • Baby stories
    • Married life
    • My beautiful wife
  2. Outdoor Adventures
    • Hiking
    • Biking
    • Running
    • Fitness
  3. My quest to become a true waterman
    • Paddling
    • Surfing
    • Swimming
    • Diving
    • Fishing
  4. Computers
    • Programming
    • Databases
    • Web sites
    • Linux
    • Mac OS X
    • Windows
  5. Life on Guam
    • The Politics!
    • The Dump!
    • The Military Buildup!
    • The Schools!
    • The Hospital!
    • The Economy!
  6. Science and Space
  7. Climate and Environmentalism

So keep tuning in folks! Change is afoot, things are happening and this is a good thing.

Get Up Stand Up

My lovely wife bought me a wonderful birthday/Christmas present; a 12’1″ Laird Hamilton Standup surfboard. It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever gotten. Took it out surfing last weekend, and I can’t wait to head out tomorrow too. It’s a great combination of surfing and paddling, and getting out the SUP is great exercise and loads of fun.

Thanks go to Fred and Mae at Lotus Surf, they really brought the board in fast once we made the order. I highly suggest shopping at Lotus for all your surfing needs. This couple recently took over the store and they are great people and good friends of ours.

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DBA Horror Story

Came across this story a couple weeks ago. It’s the kind of thing that makes me as a DBA cringe in horror. Basically a DBA destroyed the company he was working for after he was fired. He was caught stealing and shown the door. On the way out he destroyed the company’s SQL Server RAID array. The real disaster was the non-existant backup strategy the company had. The RAID array was their backup, a solution developed by this DBA. I think it’s fair to say this guy will never work again as a DBA. Drive mirroring is not a backup solution.

I never saw or used JournalSpace, and apparently I never will. After this debacle, the owner closed up shop and is selling the domain name. UPDATE: Looks like somebody bought JournalSpace’s domain and is trying to resurrect the site. That are taking pains to emphasize the backup solution for this new incarnation.

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