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Visions of Blade Runner

This picture of Rem Koolhaas’ Mandarin Hotel going up in flames a couple days ago really resonates with me. The hotel was part of Beijing’s hyper-modern CCTV complex of building, including that crazy looking building next door.

It is a picture straight out of Blade Runner, a film that almost single handedly changed science fiction and our vision of the future. And now that future is here with us, and going up in flames.

Mandarin Hotel Erupts in Flames in Beijing

It is interesting to note that the photo in the New York Times story holds none of this haunting resonance. It’s just a couple people laughing at a building burning down.

One Year And Counting

Hard to believe that it has been a year since Lorelei’s arrival. It’s been the most wonderful and eventful year ever. My girl is such a little character, she makes us laugh everyday. Thank you my little pumpkin girl for coming into my life.

Lorelei at One Year

Beep Beep

Bought a new car yesterday. Beep beep. Now we can tool around the island in our new ride, a Hyundai Santa Fe. I like it, Taliea loves it, and Lorelei likes it too. She was singing all the way to daycare this morning.

We bought the car with a lot of help from Pentagon Federal Credit Union, with a rock bottom interest rate for the loan we took out. And I had to become a member at Pentagon to get the loan, which is a good thing. I’m opening up a couple accounts there next week.