Monthly Archives: November 2014

Heading Out

Going on a short trip this week. So much to do before I go – pull out the luggage, iron clothes, make sure the gadgets are charged before the flight. The thing I really hate about traveling when you live on Guam is the distance. It’s going to be 22 hours before I reach my destination – and I have to get up at get to the airport at an ungodly hour for the 6:30 am departure time.

And the return – oh my goodness. The my journey starts at 6:00 am – on a tiny little commuter jet that I cannot even stand up in. I hate those little planes – they are the worst. I dread flying in them because over ten years ago I was trapped on one for the better part of a day. The plane could not land in Houston due to fog and we circled for hours until finally diverting to some rinky dink airport in Louisiana, where the flight crew abandoned the passengers on the plane for two hours. They literally got off the plane, shut the door and pulled away the stairs to keep us imprisoned in that damn sardine can. Still gives me the willies thinking about that trip.

Audio File Test 2

Here is a sample of WordPress’ new audio player capabilities, which I find quite amazing.

When I think how difficult this was last time I tried something like this. Sheesh. That was back in 2005 or so, and I had to upload the audio file, map it to a flash player that I also had to upload and configure. Now I just drag and drop in WordPress and the file is there, and the audio player is built in – and it works cross platform, including mobile devices with HTML5. Very cool. Thanks MediaElement.js that is really cool.

And here is a link to the mp3 as well.


That’ll do pig. That’ll do.