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We got puppies! Three little cuties, born two weeks ago.


Puppies in a basket:

Lorelei is in love with these little guys…

Ugh Living On Guam

One thing you learn living on Guam – buy stuff in bulk. Things can be in the store one day, two days, a month, and then just disappear forever. And nothing but bemused looks from the clerks in the store.

I remember once I went to the grocery store looking for a particular product, I believe it was hummus. It wasn’t on the shelf anymore. I asked the guy stocking the shelves and he actually told me that yeah, they had a hard time keeping that product in stock, so they just stopped ordering it. Huh?? Something is selling like hotcakes, so you just decide to not bother with re-ordering? That makes no sense.

So we bought this fish tank kit back in December for the kids; fish tank, gravel, chemical drops, filter packs and the pump. It was pretty cool, and the kids enjoyed the fish we got them, 3 regular platy’s and a swordtail platy.

Well the charcoal filter packs are only designed for two weeks of use, so after the sampler 2 pack was gone, I went to the pet store to pick up a couple more. And of course they didn’t have the replacement filters. Spoke with the store owner and a couple guys at the store and they suggest I just purchase a rival’s filter, cut it to size with a scissors and that would work just great. And they would order the actual filter I was looking for, since they were selling a lot of that aquarium kit.

Suffice to say that replacement filter hack did not work out too well. The pump got clogged up since I was using the wrong filter that didn’t really fit the housing. After a couple weeks of that, I pulled the pump cleaned it out and ordered the filter from Amazon. That fixed things, though the pump was rather anemic after that incident. The pump struggled on until last week, when it pooped out and would not start up again.

I visited the pet store again today, looking to get a new pump and some filters. After all, that incident with the filters happened in early January. It’s late March, they should have gotten their order delivered. Yeah, that order never really happened. No filters, no replacement pumps, not even for the rival brand who’s filter pack I still have lying around. Sheesh. Only option was the the gigantic jumbo size pump of a third competitor, the kind of thing for a huge tank like my brother owns.

Hopped on Amazon back at my computer. Cool beans they have everything I need, pumps, filters, even replacement drops and whatnot. Order up – and DENIED. The pump cannot be delivered to my location on Guam, perhaps I could ship it to another location in the States? Same thing with eBay, where I could probably buy a human kidney and unicorn horns if I looked hard enough. Nobody wants to ship to Guam.

The swordtail platy died last night. We are down to 1 fish left because that swordtail was a mean bastard and harassed the other fish mercilessly until they all died but one. I am guessing that poor little guy’s days are numbered too now, especially since the water is getting murkier by the day. A casualty of our island’s poor logistics.