Monthly Archives: March 2018


I cannot image why anyone would still follow this blog. It is as crusty and stale as a bag of potato chips left in the trunk of my car for a week. But let’s roll with some updates…

  • My baby girl turned 10 in February. Wow time flies. Seems like only yesterday – or maybe a dozen blog posts ago – that she was a newborn and I was a anxious new dad. Now she is a vibrant girl, full of curiosity about the world and her place in it.
  • My son turned 7 last Sunday. Again tempus fugit. He’s not a little guy anymore, he is a full blown boy, rampaging the neighborhood in full on boy mood (wheelies on his bike, crazy antics on the trampoline, basketball, running around with his friends, climbing trees).
  • My brother passed away right before the new year after a long battle with cancer. Though he was 15 years my senior, he was a great big brother, full of life and laughter. He lived larger than life. It seems like I spent most of the 80’s as his indentured servant, conscripted into labor as he rehabbed one house after another. I miss him terribly.
  • Speaking of home improvement projects, seems like I have been spending every down moment over the past few months working around the house. Started with the exterior painting, then the interior painting. Now it’s the doors and closets that are being replaced, then the exterior doors and then painting the roof with the elastomeric paint to reflect the sunshine. Oh, and put in new refrigerator and a new air conditioner, and enclosed the back laundry.