Daily Archives: 07/05/2018

Thursday Midday Update July 5

The storm has a name now. Tropical Storm Maria is moving away from Guam and the Marianas to the north-northwest at 10 mph, with maximum winds of 65 mph.

Here’s the storm track one last time…

I’m at work, and the power’s still out back home. Checking on that now, but I think it might be awhile. Here’s the situation about a mile down the road from my house.

Downed power poles and lines on Cross-Island Road by Tarzan Falls. Roads closed at this time.

That’s it for storm updates. Going back into stealth mode now…

Thursday Morning July 5th

Made it through the night. A palm tree blew down last night. Actually happened while I was outside bringing the dogs in. That was the height of excitement for us.

I’m surprised that the trash collectors came through overnight and picked up my trash. Coolio. Power’s still out. Not coolio.

Don’t have any position updates, I know it past around 3 am and things are slowly calming down. I think it churned right over us because it was pretty rowdy for a few hours there. Last storm track had it going over southern Guam.

Time to shower, wake the kids and head into town.