Hiker Dies In Fall At Talofofo Caves

At 2:00 this afternoon I was headed down to Jeff’s Pirates Cove for Mick Pexa’s memorial when I was stopped heading down the hill from Talofofo by the cops. They had traffic closed off and I could see multiple emergency vehicles at the Talofofo Caves trailhead. I knew immediately what had happened: A hiker fell down one of the caves. The largest caves in the Talofofo Caves group are enormous pit caves, and the area is completely undeveloped. It would be very easy to fall down one of those caves, and today, someone did:
A man died Saturday morning after he fell 100 feet inside a Talofofo cave, according to the Guam Fire Department.
GFD spokesman Kevin Reilly reports that it happened just before 11 a.m. A Caucasian man estimated to be 50 to 60 years old fell while climbing inside the cave.
I checked the schedule in the post below, and yes this was the regular Saturday morning Boonie Stompers whose schedule I repost quarterly. My thoughts go out to not only this poor man, but everyone involved. You know, one of the things I remember about Mick Pexa was going on these Saturday Boonie Stomps and he would occassionally attend as well. Here’s a Youtube video posted by KUAM News with the story:

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  1. Thomas Post author

    A follow up on this story:
    The Guam Daily Post ran a story on Friday, January 10, identifying the man as 55 year old Ari Ciolek, a defense contractor employed by Northrop Grumman. There’s a nice video attached to the story.

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