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Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Tick TockTomorrow is June 5, and GEDCA’s about to lose $800,000… Yes, tomorrow the loan used to finance Max Havoc comes to term and it looks like Guam will be left holding the bag. The Guam Economic Development Authority thought it was a good idea to offer up $800,000 as collateral to John Liang and Rigel Productions to produce this boondoggle of a movie. And now it looks like he is going to default on the loan.

Well, I’m not surprised. I don’t think anybody is surprised at this. As far as outrageous GovGuam scams go, this was actually small potatoes. I’m surprised nobody in GovGuam has fallen for one of those Nigerian 419 scams… Oh wait a second, what am I saying? Of course somebody did.

Rain Rain Came Today

It was a stormy night, the clouds gathered over Guam and the rains fell. No observations of Jupiter nor any other object in the sky last night. Maybe tonight it will clear, but I doubt it.

That’s okay though, I got other diversions. Shiny diversions. I broke down a couple weeks ago and ordered Firefly the complete series. I’d seen some episodes before, but I missed about a third of the show when it aired last fall on SciFi. But now I own four dvd’s of geeky delight. I’ve spent every night this week watching one or two episodes, trying to draw out the pleasure as long as possible. It’s a damn shame the series was cut down so soon. At least it rose from the ashes to become Serenity, as fine a denouement as any for the aborted show.

So bring on the rain; we certainly need it and I got plenty of television to watch.


Went to see Serenity tonight. I could kick myself for waiting this long. It is definitely worth every penny. Probably the best science fiction film I’ve seen all year. Pounds Revenge of the Sith into the dirt and makes that pathetic movie cry uncle. I’m not the only one that enjoyed this movie. Hell, even Orson Scott Card is singing the praises of this movie.

Now, I never saw the original Firefly series when it aired on Fox a few years ago; and I am only now catching a few of these episodes on Sci Fi when they air, but this movie seriously takes names and kicks ass.

Finally – The Real Reason Most Hollywood Movies Suck

I’m not a huge fan of Slate, but I do enjoy the occassional article. The current top bill on the site is a forthright explanation of the how’s and why’s of a big studio blockbuster: How To Finance a Hollywood Blockbuster. Basically it is easier to make money off a crappy big name fiasco like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider than to craft a small budget art flick like Sideways. Shadow companies, tax loopholes and subsidies make it easier to produce big budget pieces of crap instead of quality movies. How depressing.

Twelve Monkeys

First of a series: Twelve Monkeys, a very good sci fi film. Take the time to read the screenplay, think about the cyclic nature of time portrayed in this film. Then go watch the movie.