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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Twinkies or Twikes?

While my buddy contemplates buying a Prius, I thought I would offer up some links to an interesting electric/human powered vehicle: The Twike. That stands for 'twin bike' and the contraption looks like an airplane cockpit crossed with a tricycle. It features an electric motor capable of doing 85 km/h with a range of 130 km and optional bicycle pedals to extend that range. It's handmade in Switzerland, costs a bundle (around $20,000), and looks pretty cool - but that sure is a silly name. Get used to gizmos like this, I firmly believe this is the future of automobiles, at least for city driving. Will people in the US adopt such a funky looking thing willingly? Not as long as gasoline remains cheap. But once prices skyrocket, vehicles like this will become attractive alternatives to walking or riding a bike around in the rain.

More Twike links, including an American's odyssey in obtaining one:


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